believing in no boundaries

bearing no baggage

itineraries of flux and drift

charted in the use and reuse of materials

messages scrawled on the sleeve of a jacket

post industrial folk wear by mau is a collection of contemporary street wear made out of the ubiquitous modern material tyvek and surplus materials. Wardrobe staples and accessories are simply built. The material is a high performance non woven taken from construction, graphics, and stationary trades and adapted and manipulated here for personal use. This is not the same tyvek of souvenir jackets and bike race pinnies. Along with excellent performance properties, this material looks deceptively fragile and perishable like paper but is in fact a tough and resistant modern material. Over time the garment becomes like chamois leather. Each garment comes in a little bag and weighs less than half pound.

The work is designed and made by mau in an old textile factory in the Hudson Valley. Instead of working with a few home sewers,  mau sought out the city of New Yorks initiative to save the garment district (the GDIC) and consequently works with master tailor Mr Wu and his sister on weekends.  When mau get wholesale orders they help make part of the garments for her.

The material is made in the USA of 25% recycled material, surplus materials are gathered from local exchanges and design studio scraps are recycled. mau also has a recycling program.

*nomadic * four season adaptable * wind proof and water resistant * crush and carry * recycle * featherweight * unique to wear * open to possibilities *



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